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When you look at property for sale in Italy insurance is unlikely to be your first thought. However, once you have completed your purchase this is an important aspect to explore at as you head towards completion.

You have to different options when it comes to insuring your Italian property.

1. You can take out an insurance policy from a UK company that specialises in insuring property in Italy. Not all UK companies do this but if you contact us we will put you in touch with people that can help. If you are renting out your Italian property than you must ensure that you tell the company as this will make a difference to the premium and if you do not tell them you will not be covered if you need to claim.

2. The other possibility, when insuring your Italian house, it to take out the policy in Italy. Italian policies often do not include theft so you will, for sure, need to check and add that option if you require it. It will not cover rental either, so again this would be a clause you need to add to the policy. You need to remember that if you make a claim all will be in Italian so you may need help to understand the wording and finer points.. If you take out an Italian policy and wish to cancel it this must be done in writing and there are certain time lines. The Italian policies are normally a little cheaper than the English ones.

You should also remember that if you take out an Italian mortgage then you will have to take out an Italian policy.

If you would like further advice or help with any aspect of insurance or wish to contact a company to request a quote for your Italian property, please email us on [email protected]

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