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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the buying process the same as the UK?

The buying process is not the same as the UK or other countries. One of the most positive points is that, as long as your contract is worded correctly, you will not have the trouble with gazumping that there is in the UK. Contracts are binding from the outset as long as the offer price is accepted. Please see link for further information Legal Support

How do I arrange viewing trips?

We would ask you to contact us before you book your trip to view, if you can. We will provide you with directions and arrange a convenient schedule and suggest places to stay for you. If you have already booked we will aim to organise viewings for you to meet your schedule.

How many properties will I see?

We normally suggest a morning or afternoon appointment starting at 9 30 or 10a.m. or 2 30 or 3p.m. On each appointment you can see anything from 4 to 8 properties. One appointment does not mean one property!

What happens when I decide that I want to buy?

You can contact us from Italy and we will put the property on hold for you, Or we can arrange for a contract to be drawn up if there is time. Otherwise contact us as soon as you return. Remember we act for you so we should be your first port of call. You can also mention to our colleagues in the area if there is a property you are keen on and say you will be speaking to us.

What if I need work doing on the property?

Casa Travella does have reliable contacts from Architects, Surveyors right through to artisans as well as companies to supply furniture, white goods and most other fitments for your purchase.

I don’t speak Italian is that a problem?

This should not be a concern at any stage. All of the Casa Travella staff are bi-lingual, and our colleagues in Italy mostly speak English very well as well as other languages which resolves any initial viewing concerns. When purchasing a property Casa Travella staff can help with the translation of documents and the Italian lawyers we suggest are English speaking.

Why are some properties sold unfurnished?

In general new properties are sold unfurnished and without a kitchen. That is an extra cost. Some new properties are left as a shell so that you can choose your own finishes but the price quoted is normally the finished price without furniture.

How long does a property purchase take?

3 months is the normal time. However we can, to a certain extent, set the date to suit your needs by getting agreement from the other party. It will normally take a little longer over the Christmas season and during August because of national holidays.

What sort of % should I add for costs on top of the purchase?

This depends as to whether you are buying the property as a main residence or a 2nd home. Buying as a 1st home means taking residency in the country. You should add on approximately 8 to 10% as a first home and 12 to 15% as a 2nd home.

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