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Why Casa Travella

Casa Travella was founded in 1987 to enable clients to buy property in Italy with the help of professional advice and personal service.. Prior to that time buying Italian real estate was a daunting task.

Linda's knowledge of the Italian language and people have helped her establish a successful business that has, so far, spanned 25 years and survived two recessions.

When ITV were looking for an Italian expert to appear on a series of 'I Want that House' with Mark Simpkins, Linda was the obvious choice because of her knowledge of Italian real estate.

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Latest News

Cappuccino and brioche in Como, what could be better!
15 June 2015 08:06

What do you do when you are in Italy , eat a pizza of course, maybe the odd glass of wine.....
13 June 2015 13:06

It's Giro d'Italia time!! Aprica 'arrivo'
27 May 2015 11:05

When in France , on route to Italy, you must try the champagne. Delicious!!
21 May 2015 13:05

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