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About Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, which is situated half in Piemonte and half in Lombardy, is 54 km long, with a coastline of over 150km. The most Northerly section of Lake Maggiore extends a dozen kilometres into Switzerland where Ascona is the main town. The climate is mild in both summer and winter, producing lush vegetation, with beautifully planted gardens in wonderful villas growing rare and exotic plants. Maggiore is known for its wonderful islands which include the Isola Borromeo, Isola Madre and Isola Bella which are situated opposite Stresa, one of the main towns of the region. Stresa and Borromeo are synonymous with each other as the Borromeo family took control of the region after the Visconti family who ruled over this fishing town in the 15th Century. If you are looking for an Italian property to buy and use for all seasons then this area could be a perfect choice.

Stresa is one of the most popular of the towns on Lake Maggiore with regular boat services going to the Borromeo islands or a cable car which can take you to Monte Mottarone from whose summit on a clear day you can see 7 lakes. Lake Maggiore now has an excellent infrastructure which makes real estate on Lake Maggiore very popular, access is very easy, with daily flights from all parts of the UK to Milan Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo airports. Travelling distance from the airports is between 45 to 90 minutes depending upon which part of the lake you are travelling to and from which airport. This makes the idea of owning an Italian house here a worthwhile investment. You can add to that the chance to try one of the 3 golf courses close to Stresa, a very well hidden fact!

Fish lovers can enjoy the tasty opportunities available on Lake Maggiore, starting from Bass which is the symbol of the lake plus trout, tench, carp, pike and many more. These are cooked in many ways: fried in batter, served doused in vinegar or pickled. Polenta and rice are common in this region, with Risotto Milanese (cooked with saffron) a popular dish. Panettone, so popular worldwide originates from the region. In the hills around Novara, a number of DOC ruby reds are produced including Nobbiolo and Caramino, with very mountainous fruity flavours.

Lake Maggiore has a wide selection of property for sale with some of the best areas to buy an Italian property being Stresa and the areas above the town, Ghiffa, closer to Switzerland, Baveno and Verbania. These areas and many others offer potential buyers of Italian property the chance to purchase a piece of Italian real estate with stunning lake views and within easy driving distance of the airport, with a train service from Stresa to Milan also available. On rare occasions it is even possible to purchase a property on one of the islands on the lake. Around the lake the choice is from studio apartments in a restored villa, to palatial villas that line the shores. There are some lovely new build small residences above Stresa which could make a sound investment for your Italian property purchase with good possibilities to rent as well as use the property. With access from any of the Milan airports and also the high speed train links through the Alps to Switzerland and then into France and beyond, this makes it an ideal location to buy an Italian property.


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